About Us

Gulf Atlantic Pump & Dredge, LLC, of Newberry, Florida, acquired the H&H Pump & Dredge Company product line in December, 2000. The expanded Gulf Atlantic product line now includes a full range of hydraulic submersible sludge pumps with discharge outlets of three to sixteen inches, hydraulic power units from fifty to three hundred horsepower, and maintenance class dredges with cutting depths to forty feet.

Gulf Atlantic and H&H, with their 25 years of operations have built a strong reputation of quality in the submersible pump, power unit, and dredge industry and has evolved into one of the premier pump manufacturers in the industry. The hydraulic submersible pumps may be manufactured from abrasion resistant carbon steel or stainless steel.

These highly durable and dependable pump designs have been developed over many years. Changes to improve pump operations and pump performance, including the local area slurry gate, have been the result of many extreme real-world applications. These changes have produced a world-class pump that is favored by contractors the world over for sludge pumping operations.

Commercial, industrial, and agricultural sludge pumping and processing operations use the Gulf Atlantic hydraulic submersible pump. These include sand mining, tank bottoms removal, digester sludge removal, feedlot lagoons sludge removal, and a variety of industrial waste pumping operations and sludge pumps for small dredges.

Contractors prefer the Gulf Atlantic pump not only for its durability, but also due to its lightweight and ease of handling. The pump may be repositioned without the heavy lifting equipment that is usually required for many pumps with similar performance characteristics.

All Gulf Atlantic Pump & Dredge products are constructed with durability, service and maintenance as the foremost requirement for product design. Gulf Atlantic pumps and power units require little maintenance. Routine maintenance is easily conducted in the field with minimum of time, resulting in low operating cost.