3-50 x 8


Heavy duty hydraulic submersible pump with a 8 discharge, hydraulic motor, opened face impeller, heavy duty grease or oil lubricated bearing block. Pump and impeller are fabricated using Brinell 360 steel. For mixing heavy solids and provide easier pumping. Slurry gate is operated using a slurry hydraulic valve and a hydraulic cylinder.


Discharge Diameter 8"
Suction Diameter 8 3/4"
Impeller Diameter 16 or 18"
Max Passable Spherical Solids 4"
Max TDH 43-85’ TDH
Max Flow 4000 GPM @ 15’ TDH
Hydraulic Flow Requirements 40-112 GPM
Max Pressure 2000 PSI
Weight 810 lbs
Dimensions W=34”, H=40”
Discharge Fitting 18" Male Pipe thread

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