150 HP John Deere


John Deere, Cummins, Isuzu, and other diesel engines available; water cooled with residential grade muffler, rated 150 BHP (112 kW) @ 2000 RPM. Murphy gauges, alarms, and shutdown systems are included.

Hydraulic System:

Suction strainer, return filters, relief valves, low oil shutdown, and temperature shutdown protect the hydraulic system. All units are equipped to allow any and all modifications or repairs with minimal oil loss. All hydraulic systems are cooled using a Thermal Transfer oil cooler placed in front of engine radiator.

Optional Equipment:

Skid Mount, Electric or Hydraulic Telescoping Picker Crane, Utility Basket, Slurry Circuit, Tool Circuit, Additional Circuit, Electric Brakes, and Hydraulic Surge Brakes


All units have bottom mounted fuel tank, which provides a lower center of gravity for more stability and larger fuel capacities. The submersible pumps or tooling being used can run dry, stall, or jam, without damaging the power unit. System requires no other power source allowing operation in remote areas. The axle, fenders, and tongue is easily removed to produce a skid mounted unit. Single point lifting bail allows easy mobilization for skid or trailer mounted units.

NOTE: Specifications may change due to continual product improvement.


Overall Length 16’-6” (5 m)
Overall Width 6’-0” (1.8 m)
Height 6’-8” (2.0 m)
Fuel Capacity104 gallons (3941)
Wet Weight 5,000 lb.(2,268 kg)
Hydraulic Oil Capacity 70 Gal. (2651)

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