Our Mudloader Series of Hydraulic Maintenance Dredges provides the highest production and are the best value of any Dredges in their class.

Gulf Atlantic Pump & Dredge, LLC is committed to understanding our client's project and manufacturing the equipment that meets and exceeds projects requirements as well as manufacturing equipment that is truly a long term investment for our customers.

Customer Service when you need it most! Customer service begins before you choose to purchase a Gulf Atlantic Mud-loader Dredge. Our goal is to provide you with the best information available to aid in your selection and assist you in making a sound purchasing decision for your business applications. Let us make arrangements for you to visit our manufacturing facility and show you our quality products

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Each of the pumps deployed on our Mudloader™ Dredges are of a field proven design

Many of the base designs have been operating for over 20 years. Innovation in manufacturing techniques and design engineering refinements have resulted in a sludge and slurry pump design with more operating hours than any other pump in its class.

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